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Hire better and work faster at every

stage of your recruitment lifecycle

with Winch—the best in real-time

recruitment messenger.

Your Recruitment Messenger.

Candidates have many questions before applying. 

e.g. recruitment process? company's culture? responsibilities? etc.

Answering them with your HR team or your own employees will 

boost your application rate by +35%. 



chat for

your candidates

2. We customize

the design for you

3. Give access to your

HR & Employees

4. No candidate registration needed & anonymous option

6. Analyze the results

1. Integrate our chat into

your job descriptions

5. The chat starts

A messenger made for recruitment ...

Winch Recruitment Messenger enables more than just to chat, in enables you to attract +25% more qualified applications.

Friendly, Quickly, Easy.

Recruitment messaging that just feels like the messenger

apps you and your candidates use on a daily basis.

Personalized messages 


Let your employees deliver fast answers at scale, in a personalized approach via our solution, saving you time.  

Interactive approach 


The best talents always have questions and a simple 'bot' is not

a solution. Let your employees be the best ambassadors. 

#WeAreNotABot #WeAreAHumanChat

"How we created our first virtual 

job fair with Winch".

with Caro Weytjens, Recruiter                

"How our recruitment team reached +35%

more candidates through live chat."

with Sébastien Scoumanne, CTO

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