How delaware created their first virtual job fair with Winch. 


with Caro Weytjens, Recruiter


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At delaware, an international business & IT consulting firm, the campus recruitment team is tasked to attract the best talents to join their various departments. Since the coronavirus hit Europe massively, all graduate related events in Belgium were cancelled one by one: career fairs, job days, etc. impacting one of their leading funnels of talent acquisition. A fast solution needed to be implemented: virtual job fairs. 

In less than 2 weeks, a virtual job fair was set up using a mix of Facebook live and Winch, targeting candidates from all over Belgium that were interested to know more about the company and its job openings. Caro Weytjens, recruiter at delaware  says, “We put value in career events, as we find it important to give candidates a feeling of our culture and values. We believed that creating a virtual job fair would be a great opportunity for us to easily reach candidates looking for a job, while also providing a solution for the graduating students’ struggle to find a great company match during lockdown. Being able to tune in and ask questions from their couch or kitchen table lowered the barrier for them to participate in the event.

In a world where candidates need more transparency and a place to ask questions, Winch seemed to be the best tool. Caro already knew  the solution and decided to launch  delaware’s first virtual job fair using Winch technologies. 


Her intuition proved to be right. Once the Winch virtual job fair was activated, 

candidates started to be interested in the event and as soon as the live stream began, questions started to come in. 

“Our virtual job fair took place on a Friday, from 1pm to 5pm. With a Facebook live stream that lasted during an hour hosted by two  colleagues and myself, we were able to  reach the candidates on their socials and in their own home and  could feel a growing interest. Questions were asked about the delaware environment, company culture and values, but also very practical topics like the company car policy or working hours were covered. The three of us answering these questions on the spot in the live stream really improved the authenticity and transparency for candidates. It was just like a normal job fair.” However, a Facebook live stream cannot be hold forever, therefore a solution had to be found to answer candidates’ more personal questions. 

"Considering our previous good experience with Winch’s Messenger Recruitment Chat in our job descriptions, we thought that they would be the perfect partner to create our virtual job fair together. Once the 1 hour of live stream had ended, we gave the opportunity to candidates to ask their additional questions to my two colleagues and myself directly on Winch chat. Considering the already large interaction during the Facebook live, we were pleasantly surprised and impressed by the number of candidates that used the tool and started to connect with us afterwards on the Winch platform.  I have to say, the tool was a real added value for candidates, due to the possibility of anonymity, no need for registration and the ease of sending questions in 1 click.”


At the end of the virtual job fair, it was time to see the results. "We were very happy with the outcome and had not expected such a good performance, considering it was set up in just 2 weeks and it was our first time trying out a virtual fair. Aside of the 50+ candidates in the Facebook live, more than 300 messages were exchanged with candidates on the Winch platform, half a dozen of applications were sent in on the spot and even 4 or 5 mentioning the value of the Winch Chat in their cover letter when applying". 

The initial success of the virtual job fair and the combination with Winch was crucial for making a business case to diversify the team’s recruitment funnels and  receive more hires, because no matter what position -  every candidate has questions. 


Caro Weytjens, Recruiter @ delaware

“Winch enabled us to build a great relationship between candidates and our own employees during the virtual job fair. The tool played a critical role in being closer with candidates and attracting the best talents for our organization faster".

The team has now experienced the value that a virtual job fair can really bring to candidates and to the organization. 

“Due to the current crisis (COVID-19), we had to adapt to the situation of all career events being cancelled. Avirtual job fair was really new to us.  With no technical effort and no technology integration needed on our side, we could start using Winch  instantly to enhance our virtual job fair. It took us even less preparation time than a normal job fair and the results were beyond our expectations. We are definitely planning of going digital more often – even when the lockdown is over". 

"With the current results achieved, we really believe that virtual job fairs will become even more popular and used. Continuing working with Winch for our delaware recruitment efforts is definitely

a priority for us".