How the Listminut recruitment team reached +35% more candidates through live chat. 


with Sébastien Scoumanne, CTO & Co-founder 


ListMinut is an Internet platform which

allows its users to connect with reliable

private individuals close from their

place in order to get things done. 




Brussels, Belgium. 





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with Sébastien Scoumanne, CTO & Co-founder 

At Listminut, an internet B2B2C platform, the  recruitment team is tasked to attract the best talents to develop and expand the team. Since they own the full acquisition cycle, there were plenty of opportunities to optimize certain aspects of the funnel and hire better.

The most obvious opportunities came from the buzzing community of Listminut followers on LinkedIn and Facebook. With more than 16.000 followers on these platforms,  potential candidates might actually be closer than we think.

Sébastien Scoumanne, Co-founder and part of the recruitment team says,

“We knew that we were only capturing a small portion of potential candidates via publishing our job descriptions publicly on these platforms. Mainly, only those who were ready and already looking for a new job opportunity.  But what about the ones having questions about the position, company, culture, responsibilities and are not ready yet to apply? That's how we realized that we needed to open a more direct channel for candidates to talk to their future colleagues, our employees in real time.”

His team has always held the belief that you need to have a presence wherever your candidates are, so they looked to evaluate live chat solutions. 

In a world where candidates need more transparency and a place to ask questions, Winch seemed to be the best tool. Sébastien knew already the solution and decided to run a test. 


His intuition proved to be right, once the Winch messenger was activated on their job descriptions across LinkedIn, Facebook and Medium, not only did his recruitment team start having more applications, the messenger also helped to immediately drive candidates conversations and meetings within a week after going live.

“We use LinkedIn, Facebook and Medium as main channels to acquire candidates but we had candidates abandoning our job page due to the fact that they had questions and no way to get them answered quickly. Winch messenger has enabled us to have a channel to be proactive and communicate easily with candidates. In particular, Winch anonymous messenger option, allowed us to be in contact with candidates not willing to share their identity at first. After some conversations and questions answered, they naturally decided to apply as their main doubts where put aside. All-in-all, we had +35% more contacts with candidates thanks to the implementation of Winch messenger into our job descriptions and the help of our own employees answering candidates questions."  

Winch was the main driver, to prove that live chat could capture low hanging fruit, sustain a recruitment team and grow the team very quickly. The initial success of the live chat test was crucial for making a business case to diversify the team’s recruitment approach and drive more hires no matter what position -  every candidate has questions.


Sébastien, Co-founder @ Listminut

“Winch enables us to build relationships between candidates and our own employees across every touchpoint of our recruitment lifecycle. It’s played a critical role in hiring faster the best talents for our organization and allows us to create a more consistent and personal candidate experience.”

The team has now integrated Winch messenger in all their recruitment methods, from LinkedIn job posts, Facebook ads, Medium articles up to their own career pages.  

“We want to let every candidate know that if they have any questions, we and our employees are here to help them. Finding a job, quitting a current position and jumping into a new career opportunity is probably the hardest thing to do, therefore we want to be there, for our candidates. With "z-e-r-o" technical effort and no technology integration needed, we could start using Winch messenger instantly. We just had to 1) add Winch messenger URL into our job descriptions; 2) register our own employee ambassadors willing to participate (there all were instantly convinced by the solution and wanted to meet first their future colleagues);

3) Publish the job description on our recruitment channels, as usual". 


Winch is now the key communication channel for Listminut's candidates both pre and post-hire.  

“Starting using Winch has been the easiest decision we took to help our recruitment team. Easy set up, no integration and a real contact with candidates before their application. Winch helped us save time, budget and more importantly hire the right talents for us.”