Winch is modern recruitment messaging at scale 

Build better candidate experiences with scalable messaging that provides a more personal approach for you and your future hires.

A messenger made for recruitment ...

Winch Recruitment Messenger enables more than just to chat, so you and your candidates

interact efficiently.

Friendly, Quickly, Easy


Recruitment messaging that just feels like the messenger

apps you are your candidates use every day.

Personalized messages 


Let your employees deliver fast answers at scale, in a personalized approach via our solution, to saving you time.  

Interactive approach 


The best talents always have questions and a simple 'bot' is not

a solution. Let your employees be the best ambassadors. 

... and a platform built for scale

Have you own digital solution dedicated to your candidates without the help of your IT team and ready to use immediately. 

No IT department needed 

No need of IT development on your side, Winch provides you all the IT and technology development needed.

Apps & integrations 

Integrate Winch directly with your ATS, onboarding or other hiring/employer branding tools with success. 

Candidates data


Interact with candidates in the more personalized way thanks to data shared now or in the past. 

Recruitment Messenger

Capture candidates going on your career page or looking at your job descriptions on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. and who are not clicking on the apply button. 

No IT development needed


With your own digital Candidate Messenger provided by Winch, you don't need to do anything, we do it for you. No integration with you current IT team is needed, therefore you can start using WINCH directly even if you don't have IT skills. 

Hire faster, better

Let your employees interact with potential applicants by answering to all their job related questions to

create the best candidate

experience and convince the most qualified talents to apply. 


Summary of what Winch can do for you

The solution

Super easy

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