Covid-19: The Graduate problem.

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

A message for you, campus recruiters.

+47% of graduates are currently lost. They need you.

Owner* of one of the largest student community platforms in Belgium, Wirenotes*, it made sense to run a large survey over +50.000 students*, to understand the current pain of the soon-to-be graduates students under Covid-19.

3 important metrics:

  • +47% of graduates are now lost regarding their next steps for their career. (Where to look? Where to apply? Under what circumstances? What about the recruitment process? Which are the companies still hiring? etc.).

  • +56% of graduates agree on the importance of job fairs, to find their dream job/company and will be directly impacted by their recent and immediate cancellations.

  • +58% of graduates would like to have more contacts with HR recruiters and their future colleagues to ask questions about jobs, the company, and guide them under COVID-19.

COVID-19 will of course impact their career. Finding their dream job will be harder, starting it will be different.

5 suggestions to adapt:

  • Virtual Job Fairs (ex: Facebook)

Create a livestream event to present your company to candidates.

  • Connect some of your employees with candidates (ex: Winch)

All candidates have questions, connect your HR/Employees with them.

What better way to show your DNA.

  • Be active on social media (ex: Facebook, Linkedin, Universities, etc.)

Let them know you are hiring!

  • Create content to guide them (ex: Medium)

Quick information to share with them mentionning they are not alone.

👉 If you have any questions about our article, updates to bring or to include, don’t hesitate to contact us.

*Cedric Goffeau, Owner of Wirenotes and CEO & Founder of Winch.

*Disclaimer: It is important to mention that the above mentionned survey has been conducted from the 16.03.2020 to 26.03.2020 on Wirenotes exlusively. We are not responsible of the use of our data without permission.

*Wirenotes: Social Network for students in Belgium created in 2016 used by students only.

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